Saffron Calling
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Groovy Fluids Lab;  Ready To Drink Cocktails; Bottle Cocktails
Groovy Fluids Lab;  Ready To Drink Cocktails; Bottle Cocktails

Saffron Calling

Groovy Fluids Lab
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375ml | ABV 12% | 3 serves

_ LONDON DRY GIN _ QUAGLIA SAFFRON LIQUEUR _ CLEAR LEMON _ SODA                                                                                          

An earthy & floral freshness, with a citrus kick & a delicate sweet note.
Groovy & stimulatingly crisp.

_ Best served cold at around 4°C.
Upon delivery, keep your Groovy bottle in the freezer for 30 min.
Pour into a highball with ice to serve.


_ Collaboration Is Key _ We work with the brands that we believe in. Saffron Calling calls for Quaglia Zafferano Liqueur.

_ Quaglia is a home-grown Italian distillery, that has been respecting its traditions and authenticity for four generations, to create uniquely distilled products.

_ Harvested from “Il Filo Rosso”, a local farm in Piedmont, saffron stigmas are infused in alcohol to create Quaglia Zafferano Liqueur. A golden, earthy liquid with its singular spice base _ Perfect for mixing _

_ Saffron Calling contains the addition of our Groovy clear lemon. A technique we use to extract a transparent liquid juice from the finest Italian ‘Amalfi’ BIO lemons infused with the oils of their skin.

 _ But there’s more _ To brighten our Saffron Calling we add London Dry Gin, an added touch of sugar and clean, purified water. Using our carbonation rig, we hand sparkle each one of our bottles to maintain a prominent level of groovy fizz.


_ Saffron Calling is made in a space that also uses nuts and gluten. Although it does not contain any allergens in its production, traces of gluten and nuts may be found.
_ It is Dairy Free and suitable for Vegans