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Product derived from different types of seaweeds (Fucus, Laminaria, Macrocrystis...). It’s known for forming gels in the presence of calcium. As any other kind of hydrochloride, it needs some water content in order to hydrate.

Properties: Gelling agent when interacting with calcium containing media.

Use: Mix with desired elaboration (direct spherification), mix in water bath (inverse spherification).

Application: Any kind of liquid with a pH * 4 and water content higher than 80% (direct spherification).

Observations: For itself, it acts as a thickening agent. To do the inverse spherification, always use mineral water. It is difficult to dissolve in fatty mediums as it encounters incompatibilities. It can result problematic in alcoholic mediums, depending of the degree of alcohol and lack of water.

Elaborations: Direct spherification / Reverse spherification

Article number: 900221
Origin: Spain